" Courage does not mean to have no fear, but to overcome your own fear!"



Against your fear of flying:

  • Integral Seminars
  • Individual Coaching
  • Sustainable Training
  • Personal  Care
  • Small Groups
  • Purposive against your anxiety


Do you suffer from fear of flying and you would like to get rid of that anxiety, so flying is no longer a burden?

If you belong to the people who do not feel well on board of an aircraft, but feel pure horror and stress when it comes to airtravel, then you are in the right place with us!

Our Anti-Fear-of-Flying seminars help you to loose your fear and assist you to feel better and more relaxed on your next business trip or vacation flight. 

In small groups (2-4 persons) or as a private seminar individually created for you, we take care of you and your needs. We made the conscious decision not to take large groups, because we want to look after each of our clients individually and personally. 

During the seminar we  individually take care of your needs and show you a way out of the fear. Before and after the seminar we are there for you, which adds the important little extra to make the result sustainable for you. 

Our seminars have a multi-stage structure and may be booked as a package or step by step. 


  • Initially we would like to get to know you and your fear. During this assessment we would like to find out which approach works best for you!
  • During the  seminar you learn more about fear and ways to escape your fear, ways to relax, about flying, the sounds and procedures and lot of background knowledge, which helps you to feel more secure
  • During your "Experience- Flight" you will take a seat in the flight-deck of a simulator
  • An accompanied domestic flight completes your seminar
  • After the seminar we will stay in touch with you for up to 12 months and answer your questions, give you tips etc.


Our goal is to give you strength and control!

We look after you individually and offer you intensive and individual care before, during and after the seminar.

You are not alone with your fear of flying! About 20% of the people suffer from anxiety to fly and about 2 million flights per year are cancelled due to fear of flying. 


Contact us for your individual offer for an anti-fear of flying seminar! 

You well-being is important to us!  

Should you have no time for a seminar, try our interactive App:

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You may also book our "Angel-Service". Regardless whether you have booked a seminar with us or not, we accompany you on your flight or give you advice and tips before your journey. 



Seminars for Unaccompanied Minors!

You would like your child to travel unaccompanied or needs a little more confidence?

We prepare your child for its first flight without parents and show him the exiting world of aviation. We show him around the airport and introduce it into the procedures , also we show him how to fly in a flight simulator and encourage it!

This Coaching also works well for very shy or insecure children to boost their self confidence. Afterward they are ready to proudly meet the challenges of their day-to day life!