" If your actions inspire others to dream more, learn more , do more and become more, you are a leader!" 
John Quincy Adams


Management Trainings:

  • Stressmanagement
  • Anti-Fear of Flying
  • Communikation
  • Teamwork
  • Female Leadership
  • Leadership
  • Incentives 


Effective employee management, the purposeful use of all capacities within a team,an optimal stress management  and a long-term leadership development are getting more and more important!

Deficits in non-technical competencies influence your daily business and could lead to the following negative outcome:


- bad general working atmosphere

- lack of, or poor cooperation

- insufficient communication

- unsatisfying or wrong leadership

- inadequate hierarchies

- poor, or non-existent failure management

- wrong priorities

- lack of decision making 



A positive employee management, a targeted communication and motivation have an allover positive impact on your business and your turnover!

Regardless whether you suspect deficits in team performance, you would like to give your executives new food for thought and motivation or you would like to reflect on your leadership skills we are the adequate partner for you!

We are also the perfect partner, if you would like to reward your high potentials with an unforgettable incentive!


We assess and  analyze the leadership skills of your leaders by stress simulation. The realism of our event based simulation in a foreign environment quickly gives well-founded insight into the existing strengths and potential areas of potential for improvement.

Our seminars are based on your individual wishes and needs and offers you an unique and sustainable experience!

The flight deck of a Fixed Base or Full Flight Simulator serves as location and tool to optimize your strengths, to improve your team performance and adds that little extra which gives the training an unmistakably character.


We use  our many years of experience and knowledge of the details of Crew Resource Management of modern aircrew, show you how to benefit from it and how to integrate these tools into your daily business to work more efficiently , communicate better and work more successfully.

Practicability and sustainability are very important to us!


  • Work more efficiently by better communication
  • Improve your leadership skills
  • Exploit the potential of your leaders meaningfully and use the resources of your whole team! 
  • Find out how to perform better under stress and how to optimize your stress management!
  • Receive more structure and more stability!

Our professional expertise in the areas of training, CRM, stress management and many years in international aviation, combined with knowledge and competencies from  Human Resources, psychological Coaching and HR Development make us a competent, top class partner !

Use our point of view to get new perspectives, new insights  and become a better version of a leader! 


We also offer a wide range of Team-building Events and Incentives to award your high performer with an unforgettable day.